Integrated Behavioral Health

Because we want your child’s emotional health to be treated with the same attention and care as their physical health, we have added an integrated behavioral health team (e.g., psychologist/licensed social worker) to Holyoke Pediatrics.  

We are excited to welcome Neyda (Saraih) Morell-Giboyeaux, PsyD, a licensed psychologist to the team.

What is Integrated Behavioral Health?

Integrated Behavioral Health promotes healthy emotional development, and can help manage emotional and behavioral concerns. We believe that emotional health is part of your child's overall health. Some common concerns that a behavioral health provider may be able to help your family with: parenting, life transitions, anxiety, ADHD, physical health concerns such as management of diabetes, asthma, and sleep issues.  Your primary care provider and behavioral health provider will work together for all of your child's needs.

How does Integrated Behavioral Health work at Holyoke Pediatrics?

If you or your primary care provider see a need for integrated behavioral health, they will invite a behavioral health provider into your visit.  The behavioral health provider will conduct a brief assessment and intervention and then schedule follow-up visits or order referrals to mental health professionals in the community depending on the situation and need. Treatment from our integrated behavioral health team may include up to 5 follow-up visits.

Will Integrated Behavioral Health visits be covered by my insurance?

Because every insurance company is different, we ask that you contact your health insurance company to answer any questions you may have regarding possible co-pays for those behavioral health visits.