Beverley L. Larkin, RN, CFNP

Bev Larkin

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner     

Joined HPA:  1990
Graduate Education:  Nurse Practitioner Program, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Nursing School:  Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Burbank Hospital School of Nursing

As it turns out, all the dolls and stuffed animals who were nursed back to health (and one wild wood duck with a broken wing who lived in her house for a few weeks) were good preparation for the future.  A lifelong Massachusetts native, Bev Larkin grew up in eastern part of the state as the younger sister in a small, close knit family.  In school she was always active in school sports, clubs, choirs and community service groups. Bev still worked several part time jobs.  The tastiest was working at a homemade chocolate shop, but her job as an aide in a nursing home convinced her not to be an English teacher and she applied to nursing programs.

Bev attended nursing school in Hanover, New Hampshire and Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  She moved to Boston where she began her nursing career in the Intensive Care Unit at New England Deaconess Hospital.  After meeting her husband, she moved to central Massachusetts where she worked in area hospitals as an Intensive Care and Emergency Room nurse.  In the late 1970’s the Nurse Practitioner role was just beginning. It focused on health promotion and wellness rather than just helping sick people get well. It was exactly what Bev was looking for and she returned to school at The University Of Massachusetts at Amherst where she trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She began working in family and adult medicine, but all those days of healing her toys, her nurturing spirit and her love for children convinced her to specialize in pediatrics. 

Working exclusively in pediatrics since 1984, Bev has worked at Holyoke Pediatric Associates since 1990 and was the first full time NP of the group.  She takes the family part of her Nurse Practitioner education to heart and enjoys getting to know not only the child but also the family and extended family and has cared for several generations in families.  It is wonderful to watch children discover the world around them. 

Realizing that breastfeeding can forever improve the health of baby and mother for the rest of their lives, Bev became a Certified Lactation Counselor and she teaches a mother (and father!) and baby necessary skills for breastfeeding success. That may well be her favorite part of her practice.  Other areas of interest include newborn care, developmental issues, asthma and adoption. Bev keeps up to date with all the new happenings in pediatrics via continuing education courses and lectures.  Bev precepts Nurse Practitioner students from several masters and doctoral programs as an adjunct faculty member and feels “paying it forward” by helping mentor other future NPs may improve health care in the future.

Bev and her husband have enjoyed raising two daughters and are now having a fabulous time being grandparents!  When not at HPA, Bev enjoys her pets, music and singing, photography, reading, cooking and always seems to be finding new hobbies.  She treasures time with family and friends and spending time on Cape Cod.  She recently discovered she likes to travel and is looking forward to new adventures.

Bev would love to find a way to write a prescription for laughter and kindness.

Bev sees patients 3 days a week in our Holyoke office.